Sailors Moon Rising Illustration now applied on T-Shirt

Imagine we back into the old age… the age of the pirates! In the middle of endless ocean… far away from land watching full moon rising from the horizons! It would be amazing experience… wouldn’t trade it for iPhone 6+. This Sailor’s Moon Rising illustration by GOLDQUILLS is now on T-shirt, hoodies, tank top, racerback etc.

Such a wonderful sailors moments.. moon rise from the horizons…

Moon Rising Illustration available on T-shirt now

Moon Rising Slim Fit Tees!

Yes! Smile model is niiiice 😉

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This is absolutely one of the best Sailors and Moon T-Shirt theme in designbyhumans.

Look at her back! She is hot isn’t she? 😉

Sailors Moon Rising Sweat Shirt for boys and girls who love Sailors life!!!

And this Sailor’s Moon Rising artwork also available on multiples mobile phone cases.

Before those products erased by the related artist, I think you need to quick purchase it as soon as possible 😉

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Top Best Dragon T-Shirts Online Store

Trending T-Shirts on the topic of “Dragon” with your very own personality. Just as unique as you are. Get and share These Dragon T-Shirts and show the world who you are. Only the best is good enough: Elzero clothing  have these collection! and prints on the topic of “Dragon” offer premium hand-made quality tees. And should you will be 100% satisfied with your Dragon T-Shirts. Express your personality with pride, beast, wild, savage, and bad ass Dragon Design. Want to give a truly unique gift? Find the right Dragon T-Shirt to make friends, family and colleagues happy. Here we go.. the best Dragon T-Shirt you can find in online store!

You can get this bad ass Dragon T-shirt!!!

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Yes you are reading High quality Dragon Design & Illustration inspired TShirts & Hoodies by independent artists and designers from around the world review!

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You can get this Dragon Tees!!

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There is not much else to say about them, for sure! As the stuff of legends, they are simply one of the most awe-inspiring mythical creatures that anyone can lay eyes on. And if you find yourself as a consummate lover of all things unequivocally dragon, then you need to check out our dragon t-shirts. Putting it simply: they are awesome. But to be a bit more verbose about these dragon t-shirts Our dragon t-shirts come in a variety of excellent designs, ranging from dragons attacking other things to dragons burning stuff down with their fiery breath, and even going as far as dragons doing peaceful things, like not hurting other living things. Dragons rule! Our dragon t-shirts feature lone dragons, groups of dragons, armored dragons, fire-breathing dragons, battling dragons, dragon symbols, and basically anything you could want that features dragons. And not only do we carry a bunch of ridiculously cool and radical designs, but we also have childrens dragon t-shirts, ensuring that anyone, be they man, woman, or child, can enjoy a totally awesome dragon t-shirt. Plus, as an added bonus, our dragon t-shirts are actually really comfortable, and they come in a variety of really nice colors. So can you really say that you do not need a stylish, comfortable, and completely awesome dragon t-shirt to wear?

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ake a look at this Noble Dragon T-Shirt, and there can be no denying the fact that the dragon is a truly great beast. It is regal in stature, possessed of great power and strength, which allows it to rule as a lord over all it surveys.

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This Vintage Chinese Dragon T-Shirt features a dragons body and wings made up of electric guitars standing on two big speaker boxes. Tribal Dragon! This Electric Dragon T-Shirt makes a great Medieval gift for you or your loved ones.

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Here we go.. vintage Chinese Dragon! Usually when there is talk of a coming storm, it references how the Urban apparels culture is about to take a turn for the worse. In this Gathering Storm Mens Sleeveless Shirt, though, it references an entirely different kind of coming storm.

Get this Bad ass Fire Dragon Tees here!!

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The Fireball Dragon T-Shirt shows a dragon drawn on a fire flame ledge with anger beneath him. These T-shirts are printed Direct to Garment with organic dyes and printed with water based ink, making them about as earth-friendly as a T-shirt can be.

Get this One of the best Dragon T-shirt online here!!

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One of the best Tribal Dragon T-shirt design. Get it here!!

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A stylized dragon of oriental design is the key feature of the White Dragon Tee Shirt. This dragon, done in intricate and beautiful detail, dominates nearly one-half of the shirt with its serpentine body.

This one is a little surrealistic Dragon T-Shirt combine with Beast wild Wolf drawn and illustrate the idea as well. Get it here:

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I hope this T-shirt review can brighten up your day! Dragon theme is always the best choice for a man. Lucky for you that most of the time those Dragon T-shirt design is free shipping all around the world. Yes Free shipping! Just keep your eyes at those store!

Thanks yo! and have a fun Shopping!

Free ebook: D. A. Sanborn Hand Lettering Typography Catalog

Buat kawan-kawan pekerja kreatif silahkan dibungkus… e-book Catalog D. A. Sanborn Hand Lettering Typography… didalamnya ada sekitar 70 plates. Terima kasih… Thank you! mudah-mudahan kepake buat referensi ber-typography riaaaa… Cheers!

Screenshoot Sanborn Catalog ebook

Screenshot preview

Download disini yap:

Coming soon: New Custom “Slim Fit” Cutting!

Setelah mencoba mengawali debut pertamanya pada awal bulan July 2014 dengan meluncurkan produk T-Shirt vol. 1 yang terdiri dari 3 design print (Edgar Degas Quotes, “Gone Painting” dan “Vangogh Lust”) yang cukup sukses, maka pada pertengahan bulan Agustus nanti Elzero akan kembali memproduksi beberapa T-Shirt yang desainnya jauh lebih keren. 😉

My Fathers Were Sailors

Nenek Moyangku_Black

Berikut T-Shirt Teaser yang akan segera direlease.

Inovasi ini dieksekusi dengan merombak pola Basic cutting (Patron) dari “Regular” menjadi lebih “manly”. “Slim Fit” Cutting akan segera diproduksi dan akan available to order sekitar pertengahan bulan September nanti.

Okay guys, here we go! Don’t miss it matey! Cheers! 🙂