Sailors Moon Rising Illustration now applied on T-Shirt

Imagine we back into the old age… the age of the pirates! In the middle of endless ocean… far away from land watching full moon rising from the horizons! It would be amazing experience… wouldn’t trade it for iPhone 6+. This Sailor’s Moon Rising illustration by GOLDQUILLS is now on T-shirt, hoodies, tank top, racerback etc.

Such a wonderful sailors moments.. moon rise from the horizons…

Moon Rising Illustration available on T-shirt now

Moon Rising Slim Fit Tees!

Yes! Smile model is niiiice 😉

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This is absolutely one of the best Sailors and Moon T-Shirt theme in designbyhumans.

Look at her back! She is hot isn’t she? 😉

Sailors Moon Rising Sweat Shirt for boys and girls who love Sailors life!!!

And this Sailor’s Moon Rising artwork also available on multiples mobile phone cases.

Before those products erased by the related artist, I think you need to quick purchase it as soon as possible 😉

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